Joining It Up

Your Ideas has been awarded grant funding to provide additional support and advice to young people and their families who access our existing Spectrum Clubs.

We know many of the young people who come to our project are not able to access the services they are entitled to and need.


The Joining It Up service aims to provide support to young people and their parents or carers. This support will help give families a stronger voice with education, health and social care organisations which will result in better services for their children.

How Can We Help?

  • Families are able to contact Your Ideas to understand what support is available for them.


  • We will advise on what schools and other organisations should be doing to support them and how to access it.


  • We will aim to support families and young people by constructively challenging organisations who struggle to provide appropriate services.


  • Help build a family's confidence by strengthening their voice when dealing with institutions who have responsibility for their child.


The type of support we offer will cover:


Information and advice, helping a parent make decisions and articulating what they want for their child, accompanying parents to ensure their voice is heard at review meetings and case conferences and helping parents make sure plans (such as EHC plans) accurately reflect the needs of their children.


We will use our grant funding to help pay for services that can make a real difference and need to be accessed rapidly. For example, counselling for those who don't make social services thresholds but are in acute need of it. This resource is limited however and will be carefully needs assessed and discussed with all concerned.

If you're child attends one of our clubs and would like further support then please contact us on 01527 502624

Click on the link below to find out more information on parental support you can access in the area.