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Potential Support Group for Parents of Children aged 0-5 with suspected, diagnosed ASD/ADHD or other Spectrum Conditions

We have identified that in the Redditch area, there is a lack of support for 0-5 year olds that could be Autistic or have other spectrum disorders such as ADHD. 


We are hoping to apply for grant funding very soon to set up a day group for parents and their children with suspected or newly diagnosed ASD/ ADHD. 


At this stage we are looking to gain as much information as we can and your feedback is vital to demonstrate the need for this service for our community to any potential funders. Attached to this letter is a short feedback form and we would really appreciate your time to complete and return it using the self addressed envelope.


Alternatively you can leave your feedback using the form on our website 


If we are successful in finding grant funding for this group we would like to offer the following:


· A safe non judgemental space for parents to meet and gain support from other parents by sharing their experiences


· Share experiences of Nursery/ School placements in our area


· Share experiences of accessing support from GP’s, Umbrella Pathways other professionals 


· Share parental strategies for challenging behaviours from those with lived experience


· Provide respite for parents during the meets by giving their children access to therapeutic and sensory toys and activities and create a space for young children with additional needs to socialise 


· Help families who are lost in the system before and after diagnosis by offering an information and signposting service to outside organisations who can support them.


· Provide advocacy, letter writing and social support for families of children with ASD/ADHD who encounter difficulty with statutory systems. Due to low confidence, ability to articulate their needs and from lack of statutory funding and support.


· Provide parents with parenting/ child strategy courses and workshops from professionals with lived in experience 


· Empower families to take control of their situations through positive action

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